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amber bock turkey


I reference this recipe card for turkey cooking times.  I love turkey but touching the raw bird is beyond disgusting!  In order to touch it as little as possible, I defrost it, slide it into an oven cooking bag, set it in a cooking pan and pour one bottle of Amber Bock over the top.  Next, seal up the bag and cook according to the times below. 

Minimal touching.  No basting.  No worries.  Yummy turkey.  Unfortunately, the only down side is the gravy.  You’ll have to make or buy your gravy through another means because the beer broth tastes horrible made into gravy!  Trust me. 


chili for a crowd


Real Simple

People are always surprised how good this chili is!  I think the secret is the Amber Bock (noticing a trend?), but I only use one bottle for this recipe or it’s a bit overwhelming.  I generally add a couple extra cans of beans, including black beans and chickpeas for more color.  Everyone has a good time personalizing their chili with cilatro, avocado and other not-so-usual toppings.