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sour cream mashed potatoes



amber bock turkey


I reference this recipe card for turkey cooking times.  I love turkey but touching the raw bird is beyond disgusting!  In order to touch it as little as possible, I defrost it, slide it into an oven cooking bag, set it in a cooking pan and pour one bottle of Amber Bock over the top.  Next, seal up the bag and cook according to the times below. 

Minimal touching.  No basting.  No worries.  Yummy turkey.  Unfortunately, the only down side is the gravy.  You’ll have to make or buy your gravy through another means because the beer broth tastes horrible made into gravy!  Trust me. 

fabulous fresh cranberry sauce


My friend Jen shared this with me and I’ve never been more anxious for Thanksgiving to roll around each year!  My sister Megan and I used to eat up the canned smooth cranberry sauce each year, so much so that my Aunt Kathy would give us a can for Christmas in our stocking as a joke! 

I’m now a chunky cranberry sauce convert, and it doesn’t get any better than this.  If I remember correctly, Jen said it came from a famous chef’s restaurant… wish I knew the whole story better.  I skip the cloves because I’m not big on that flavor and it tastes excellent.

cinnamon hard candy


I almost hate to add this one, in case I decide to make this for friends this year at Christmas.  My mom makes this pretty much every year and it’s a pretty treat to give in clear bags or cute tins.  The powdered sugar keeps the candy pieces from sticking together. 

Using a jelly roll pan isn’t essential, but it helps thin it out… you could use two smaller rimmed cookie sheets instead if you don’t have a jelly roll (like me!).  Also, the oil of cinnamon must be purchased from a pharmacist.  It’s behind the counter because it’s so strong and can burn you if you broke the jar onto your skin.  Just ask for it – it’s not prescription!  Just be careful not to let little hands get a hold of it.